• At first I thought this was going to be another frivolous lawsuit, but after reading I understand suing the league if there is a practice of charging high dues without enough spots. I couldn’t tell though if the coach was individually named.

  • Seems to me this would be similar to getting hired at Hooters, then complaining about the employee dress code; or, buying a house near an airport then complaining about the noise from the airport.
    In other words, read the rules before starting/check out the location before buying.

  • I am somewhat with Ryan on this one. (Sorry Melvin.) The Washington Post article states her coach told her she could transfer and the league says there is no rule on transfers spelled out in the contract / agreement the teams and players sign.

    I can understand the position of the league in that you don’t want the best players all transferring to one team and ruining the competitive balance of a league, but if that is the reasoning, it should be spelled out.

    I officiated youth sports for over 30 years and I can say that parents and players lose their collective minds when it comes to sports, leagues and the child. Most parents are unwilling to admit their 8 year old is not going to get a contract for the Yankees this year. At the same time, some many leagues are structured to be “let’s have fun and an ice cream at the end of the game” that kids and their parents don’t learn that when you get into competitive situation (at school, work or on a team) no one owes you anything.

    Twenty five years ago I had a knife pulled on me while being the home plate umpire in a game between traveling teams of 7 year olds.

    Things have not gotten better since then.