A Michigan forfeiture pattern

After crooks sell bogus insurance coverage to credulous Michigan auto owners, cops swoop down and seize/forfeit victims’ cars for having been operated without insurance. Crooks and cops, stronger together! [Juan Thompson, The Intercept]

Also on forfeiture: if you’re in the D.C. area mark your calendar for June 26 when I will be appearing at a Right on Crime panel discussion of the subject in downtown D.C. along with Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform and Jason Pye of FreedomWorks, with John Malcolm of Heritage moderating. You can register and see more details here.

Update February 2016: Note added correction from The Intercept observing that the work of reporter Williams on other stories has come under question; they indicate, however, that the essentials of this story do check out.

One Comment

  • Here in Florida, the DMV sends a notice for you to send in your plates if your insurance lapses for whatever reason. That way you can (for the most part) pull the car off the streets preventing it from being towed as you straighten out the insurance.

    If Michigan doesn’t do something similar and only takes the car, to me that shows they are interested only in the money and not the premise behind requiring insurance for drivers.

    If drivers receive and ignored a notice to send in plates or that their insurance has lapsed, I am much less sympathetic to their plight

    The bottom line is that required insurance is a boon for the state, a boon for the insurance companies and a boon for crooks.

    The people that are hurt by it are the honest folks in the world..