A shared-driveway neighbor war

“Thus passed another tense moment in what local officials say has become the town of Chevy Chase’s lengthiest, costliest, and most litigious neighborhood spat in recent memory. What began as a contested building permit six years ago has spiraled into a clash of wills, spawning five lawsuits, two misdemeanor convictions, arrests, anger-management classes, and a [no-contact] court order.” [Terrence McCoy, Washington Post] Last month we noted what one resident called the “farcically overregulated” state of land use controls in the affluent Maryland community, which is located just over the border from Northwest D.C.

One Comment

  • Note the coverage in the Washington Post. Vollmer decides that she gets to tell the next door neighbors what they can do with their property; she harasses them. And the coverage is presented as if this woman is semi-heroic. “haves and have-nots”??? Are they kidding?