Law enforcement for profit, one dropped French fry at a time

Way to incentivize pitiless enforcement: Louisiana may double littering fines, with the extra money going toward the pensions of the ticket-writers. What could go wrong? And will we start acting all surprised if officers begin ticketing retirees who throw bread to pigeons in the park, anglers who dump their unused worm supply back on the ground before heading home, or 12-year-olds who spit a cherry pit onto the grass? [New Orleans Times-Picayune] Our law enforcement for profit file is here.


  • Litter math is way over my head.

  • To me, this sounds like a standard contingency-fee agreement.

  • If each flake of powdered sugar lost from a Beignet is a separate fine, Cafe Du Monde could become an expensive tourist experience.

  • I believe that the French got used to do this with customs inspectors, but finally decided that it was not in the public interest – something about how it creates incentives that are not well appreciated by the body public.

  • Given the current state of fiscal affairs in Louisiana there is little doubt that if this passes it will be projected to bring in several million in fines to help offet the projected billion plus deificit.

    There is no finer comedy than a Louisiana legislature in session.