Obama’s regulatory push


[Image: Heritage Foundation]

James Gattuso and Diane Katz at Heritage tote up some of the numbers on the Obama administration’s wave of regulation:

In its first six years, the Obama Administration imposed 184 major regulations on the private sector. That figure is more than twice the number imposed by the Bush Administration in its first six years….

Overall, the cost of new mandates and restrictions imposed by the Obama Administration now totals $78.9 billion annually. This is more than double the $30.7 billion in annual costs imposed at the same point in the George W. Bush Administration.

Much, much more is ahead, especially in areas like labor and employment, where the administration is pursuing a frankly unilateral course of legal changes that would never meet with approval if submitted as legislation to the present Congress.


  • I presume judges will equally find ways to accommodate those who consistently miss court dates.

  • I don’t believe the President is empowered to rule unilaterally, nor is anyone required to break the law because the President ordered them to. Have some courage, say no. Politely, but firmly. Request orders in writing, if necessary, or flat resign.