“Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process”

The video is now up of the Right On Crime panel on civil asset forfeiture at which I joined Grover Norquist, Jason Pye and moderator John Malcolm. It was followed by a second panel with Derek Cohen, Robert Frommer, Evan Armstrong, and forfeiture victim Joseph Rivers. Further discussion here at Right on Crime, earlier on the panel; our forfeiture tag.


  • You’re on this. John Oliver is on this. Suits are pending or have been won on this. What does it take to get the establishment to admit that this is wrong and they won’t do it any more? F***, if it was about race, disability, gender discrimination, LGBT, Original Tribes – they’d be falling on their asses to apologize. Is it just the money?

    • “Is it just the money?”

      Of course it’s all about the money. Did you really have any doubt about that?