Feel cheated to learn something you buy was made in USA? This is for you

“Even consumers who don’t have receipts may be entitled to as much as a $12 refund. And that’s true even for beer drinkers who have known all along that Beck’s is no longer made in Germany.” [Jacob Gershman and Tripp Mickle W$J on class action suits saying beverage companies should have warned more conspicuously that some foreign-sounding beers are actually brewed in U.S.]


  • Foster’s, Australian for beeah.

  • Or at least Foster’s used to be, now it is brewed in the good old USA. Drew a line through that on my need to purchase list. Then I discovered one of my favorite English beeres is now brewed in the USA. How did I discover this? Well, it is written on the label if one looks hards enough, but the biggest clue was the lack of taste! Amazing how brewers believe that Americans have so little taste.

    Anyhow, thankfully there are still beers imported from Belgium, Scotland and New Zealand, not to mention some very good American craft brewers that know how to appeal to beer drinkers that want taste.