NYC to carwashes: unionize or else

A new law in New York City aims to close car washes that don’t unionize, and workers’ own wishes in the matter would appear to be irrelevant. The bill would “requir[e] car wash owners to purchase a $150,000 surety bond to operate in city limits. … [But] businesses with collective bargaining agreements with unions in place only need $30,000 coverage.” [F. Bill McMorris, Free Beacon]


  • This make so much sense, I don’t see the issue here.

    Clearly, any business that does not hire purely union workers puts its employees and customer at risk of violence from Union thugs(See Philly Ironworkers). So they must be ready to cover the liability that such a foolish action will produce.

    It is the only responsible thing to do.

  • IANAL, but doesn’t such favoritism by States and their localities raise 14th Amendment “equal protection of the law” issues? Congress, by established case law, can require everyone to join a union, but did they delegate that power to States as well?

  • I don’t believe that is a cash bond but a surety bond. You buy those through your insurance agent. The The difference in cost should be about a hundred bucks.

    It’s still evil, but it’s not as big a club as the headline indicates.

    The Union Goons own NYC. Some of my associates had the chance to do disaster control work there after Hurricane Andy. They were basically run out of town. I didn’t bother to respond. Let them rot in the dark. They’s only Democrats. It’s not like people were suffering.