Suit: concert hall should have known visitor would slide down banister

“Defendants improperly used a ‘sticky substance’ such as double-sided tacky tape to increase friction on the banister and deter concertgoers from sliding down it,” according to the complaint against the owners of Buffalo’s Tralf Music Hall. “Unfortunately, this ‘sticky substance’ caused decedent Dr. Verma to lose his center of gravity and caused him to drop in between the staircase and the wall.” The lawsuit also says the theater’s owners knew that alcohol was served on the premises. The deceased was a 28-year-old medical doctor reportedly serving as a first-year resident. [Courthouse News, WIVB]


  • “Tralf Music Hall”…is this a successor to the old Tralfamadore Cafe?

  • Life can’t be lived with bumper lanes. Sometimes things happen and have to end with personal responsibility. Banisters in public shouldn’t have to be adorned with spikes to disuade the general population.

  • Not to argue with the point here, but Tralf Music Hall is a Rock and R&B venue, while “concert hall” implies that we’re talking about a symphony hall or something. It’s certainly more foreseeable that someone might do something dangerous or unruly at a rock concert than at the Buffalo Philharmonic.

    • Mx,

      Have you ever heard the term Rock Concert?

  • The “There’s One In Every Crowd” rule, I believe…

  • You can NEVER make something completely fool-proof. There are way too many fools.

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