• Boy, I’ll be really annoyed if they ban apple juice. My kids drink a lot of it.

  • “Consumption of sugary drinks results in some 184,000 deaths worldwide each year, a new analysis found.”

    Oh man, 184,000 people who would have lived forever if not for Mountain Dew and Coke! Surely it can’t be the case that all of those people would have died eventually anyway, right?

    Or maybe the claim is that they’d have lived slightly longer if they had only limited themselves to water. Perhaps these people would not want to trade an extra year or two of old age for a lifetime of forbearance from drinks they actually enjoy?

    Progressivism: bringing you a joyless existence of maximum duration.

  • Elena Ceausescu referred to it as “scientific feeding.”

  • 10/10/09 – Robin Hanson: Denying Dominance

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    [edited] Humans attend closely to status, an important part of status is dominance, and we show dominance when we tell others what to do. Telling someone what to do affirms status.

    We do not notice most of our status moves, and we attribute them to other motives. When possible, we claim our motive is altruism. We think we are directing others in order to help them, not to dominate them.
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    The most enjoyable of status moves is to command the peasants in service to a higher good which only you and your colleagues truly understand.