“Lawyers smelling blood in wake of Ashley Madison hack”

Anonymous hackers having exposed customer data from a much-hyped adultery website, “class-action attorneys are currently following the Ashley Madison blood trail in hopes of winning a monetary payday for themselves and the site’s millions of members. In the last week, the Rosen Law Firm of New York began an outright solicitation for Ashley Madison users to join a prospective privacy and consumer fraud suit against the Ashley Madison site.” [David Kravets, ArsTechnica]


  • It’s really a great situation for a class action lawyer. You have a potential class of millions of people – few of whom would pursue individual suits. No one is opting out of this one. Sure, you’ll get a few who will be representative plaintiffs on behalf of the class in exchange for a little more cash.

    Plus, you have what is reported to be a fairly clear breach of contract – people paid to have AM delete their personal data and AM didn’t do it. That’s not even getting into whether or not they kept the information reasonably secure against hackers.

    The only question is whether AM has enough assets to settle it for the millions that the attorneys will no doubt be seeking.

  • Will the checks to the class action members be mailed in plain brown envelopes?


    • No, Bob. The class members will get coupons for the Russian Ladies Looking for Love website.

      • Wfjag, that was coffee-out-nose funny.