Cato’s Constitution Day Sept. 17

Sasha Volokh reminds us to mark our calendars:

Cato’s 14th Annual Constitution Day event will be two weeks from now: Thursday, September 17, at Cato’s offices in Washington, D.C. Here’s a link to the site, so you can register. I’ll be on the 2:15-3:30 panel on “Bizarre State Action”, talking about the Amtrak case that I’ve been involved with — see here for links to my previous blogging on the subject. Tim Sandefur and Adam White will be on that panel with me.

Co-bloggers Jonathan Adler and John Elwood will also be on different panels, as will Walter Olson, Bill Eskridge, and others. Steven Calabresi will give the evening lecture on “Liberty and Originalism in Constitutional Law”.


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  • Can we also discuss the absurdity of Constitution Day as a federally mandated holiday (I certainly have no argument against private occasions on whatever day to study and/or celebrate the Constitution) wherein appropriate events must be arranged by every federally funded educational institution ranging from the local elementary school to vocational institutes for future hairstylists or airplane mechanics? We could talk about how its genesis was tucked into a 3,000 page appropriations bill or how Constitution Day itself is arguably unconstutitonal.

    It is certainly not within the spirit of the Constitution that Congress in Washington DC would prescribe a specific topic of study to be taught on a particular day to legal adults at, say, a culinary academy in California.