Donald Trump sends nastygram to Club for Growth

Public figure Donald Trump, target of a Club for Growth attack ad, has responded in characteristic manner by firing off a cease and desist letter to the club [Business Insider, Chris Cilizza/Washington Post] Trump lawyer Alan Garten calls the ad:

“…replete with outright lies, false, defamatory attacks and destructive statements and downright fabrications which you fully know to be untrue, thereby exposing you and your so-called ‘club’ to liability for damages and other tortious harm,” Garten wrote.

Garten said he was only willing to offer the Club for Growth a “one-time opportunity to rectify this matter” and avoid “what will certainly be a costly litigation process.”

“In the event, however, that we do not receive these assurances, please be advised that we will commence a multi-million dollar lawsuit against you personally and your organization for your false and defamatory statements,” he concluded. “Please be guided accordingly.”‘

Four years ago I wrote about Trump’s long record of using litigation and its threat as a weapon against critics and journalists whose account of his business dealings he found displeasing, and questioned whether this pattern harmonized well with general Republican/conservative disapproval of the unnecessary use of litigation. Earlier on Trump. More: Jonathan Adler (“suit has no legal basis” and “is what is commonly known as a SLAPP suit — a suit that’s designed to shut people up.”)


  • I suspect that Trump’s campaign message heretofore has resonated so strongly with grassroots Republicans and conservatives that any concern a little litigation explosion is just a straw man. And The Donald has left the Republican hierarchy in such a state of shock and awe that to go postal over a lawsuit would only serve to cement the belief that the aforementioned hierarchy is just trying to sink “The Donald” so that their preordained choice Jeb (or any of the other candidates currently polling over 1%) will be the candidate for the party. Disclaimer: I am not for or against Trump, but it has been fun watching the Old Guard running around like their heads were on fire and their asses a catching.

  • Careful Walter, you may be hearing from the Donald soon.

    Whatever you think about him, give him credit for keeping it interesting during a time most people wouldn’t be following politics.

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