Virginia ordinance: county can order firing of ex-offenders

It’s like some weird inversion of the (itself bad) big-city trend toward “ban-the-box” laws restricting private employers’ right to ask about criminal records: Amherst County, Virginia, has passed a law under which the county can revoke the business license of any business that employs a convicted felon, or one convicted of a misdemeanor involving “moral turpitude.” [Eugene Volokh]


  • “Look down. Look down. You’re standing in your grave.”

  • I’ve always had a problem with our Governments granting us “privileges”. To me a “privilege” is something that can be granted or taken away at a whim, with no legal recourse. Just ask the guy in Pennsylvania who had a spotless driving record and had his driver’s license suspended because he admitted to his doctor that he drank a six pack of beer a day.