Discrimination law roundup

  • “Requiring Employees to Return 100% Healed Costs Trucking Firm $300K in EEOC Suit” [Thompson’s HR Compliance Expert]
  • Update: Oregon appeals court upholds $400,000 fine judgment against Portland owner who asked transgender club to stop holding meetings at his nightclub [Oregonian, earlier]
  • Fire Department of New York commissioner: yes, we lowered fitness bar so more women could join the force [Matthew Hennessey/City Journal, my take in The Excuse Factory back when]
  • From May: “Oversight of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Examining EEOC’s Enforcement and Litigation Programs” [Senate HELP committee via Workplace Prof]
  • Lengthy HUD battle: 2nd Circuit notes “no finding, at any point, that Westchester actually engaged in housing discrimination” [WSJ editorial, earlier here and here]
  • In 1992 Delaware settled an employment discrimination lawsuit by agreeing to assign prison guards “without regard to the gender of prisoners….A disaster ensued.” [Scott Greenfield on Cris Barrish, Wilmington News-Journal coverage]
  • NYC council speaker pushing “very bad bill to extend special employment protections to caregivers” [N.Y. Daily News editorial]


  • Mr. Olson: one thing you might want to clarify the $400,000 award in the Portland bar case appears to be “damages” (presumably for mental anguish) awarded to the plaintiffs/complainants, rather than a civil fine/penalty.

  • Thanks for catching that, corrected now.

  • $400k for mental anguish? Here’s hoping someone excludes me from a bar someday!

  • The Trans club appears to have quite a few members (no pun).
    Standard mental anguish damages for someone who doesn’t present any medical proof of e.g. documented psychological damage, would be about $5000 – $10,000 per person