Hillary Clinton and gunmaker liability

Remarks by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have brought an old topic of mine — gunmaker liability, and the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act — back into the news [Brian Doherty, Reason] I last wrote about it in this piece for Power Line Blog two years ago, and the attempt to use coordinated litigation to take down the gun industry, thus achieving gun control by other means, was the subject of a chapter in my 2004 book The Rule of Lawyers.


  • And as the parents of one of the victims of the Colorado shooting just learned, frivolous law suits can be personally expensive.

  • Allowing speculative lawsuits against gun sellers and manufacturers would shut down the legal commercial civilian market as the banners intend.

    Pro-gun States, however, could invoke their power under the Second Amendment to build armories and arm their militia. The Eleventh Amendment would protect them from lawsuits. This would not help residents of anti-gun States, however.

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