“If you stepped on a protected beetle while jogging…”

“…should you go to jail? You might.” A lawsuit from environmentalists challenges the U.S. Department of Justice’s “McKittrick Policy,” under which individuals are criminally prosecuted for Endangered Species Act violations only if they “knew that their action would cause a [prohibited taking], and [were] aware of the identity of the affected species.” [Jonathan Wood, Pacific Legal Foundation/The Blaze on WildEarth Guardians and New Mexico Wilderness Alliance v. U.S. Department of Justice; more from PLF and its memorandum in support of a motion to intervene; WildEarth Guardians]


  • Sure hope the Judge steps on this one.

    • Bingo.

  • Its a measure of how far we’ve appeased their previous drivel that such groups can openly propose that we convict the innocent and still expect to be taken seriously. And they will be, too, by far too many.