• That was a fascinating article. I would totally do a modern tontine. I never knew that tontine’s gave out yearly payments. I thought it was a winner takes all last man standing scenario. Granted everything I knew about tontine’s came from an Archer episode. With a little regulation I would definitely think about a modern tontine to fund my retirement.

  • As best I can tell, tontines have never been outlawed in Canada. Perhaps there were no scandals to trigger a reaction against them?

  • Excellent article. A few bits of popular culture trivia not covered:

    The movie The Wrong Box was based on an 1889 novel of the same title by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne.

    In 1955, Canadian historical novelist Thomas B. Costain published a novel of 800-odd pages, The Tontine, about the members of a tontine begun at the battle of Waterloo. I think it was serialized in Collier’s magazine.