Climate deniers as “enemy of the state”

Secretary of State John Kerry says he’ll “leave it to other people” whether ExxonMobil and the Koch brothers should be considered “an enemy of the state,” as urged by a Rolling Stone interviewer [James Taranto] The law firm of Brownstein Hyatt sees indications that the effort to prosecute ExxonMobil for wrongful advocacy on climate matters will be “the next Keystone Pipeline,” an issue seized on by environmental advocates as symbolic well beyond its practical importance. And Steve Coll, dean of Columbia’s journalism school, insists that the lefty donors behind the school’s recent support for a Los Angeles Times hit job on Exxon were “prominently disclosed” — a good case for the Internet Wayback Machine. [Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller]


  • I’m always amused on sites like the “DailyKos” when they blame (really!) the Koch Brothers for everything from the Trayvon Martin shooting to Global Warming. Sadly, one of the reasons the left hates the “Koch Brothers” so is that they falsely believe they’re Jewish.

  • Smart to recognize that climate has cycled up and down for hundreds of millions of years, during the vast majority of which time, there were (gasp) no humans on earth – much less humans producing CO2.

    Therefore –

    Blind, and worse, to insist that humans must be the one and only cause of climate change, and then try to shut down the conversation by political bullying, heckling, and overt threats of government coercion.

    • But if humans aren’t the one and only cause of climate change, then climate change can’t justify massive expansion of government.


  • “Enemy of the State.”

    Odd, the only time I’ve heard that phrase used, in a serious way, has been by repressive communist regimes. Is Kerry revealing something about himself here?

  • “can’t justify massive expansion of government.”

    Yeah, and I think it’s even worse than that. I think “science” isn’t pushing all this – big money is.

    We’re watching a behind the scenes campaign to stampede clueless governments to spray billions of their citizens’ taxes into contractors they control, that will supposedly wage the coming righteous war against rising global temperatures.

    Eventually, after countless billions have disappeared, someone will discover who was bankrolling these contractors: big fish like George Soros; little fish like Al Gore. It will be such a surprise.

    These guys and others are poised to cash in, as all those government billions are put into play.

    I think my theory explains the real reason climate change is such a rush job. That’s because it’s a con job. The scientists are just useful idiots in the big money game. NAND so are a few key politicians who are doubtless on the payroll, too,