Great moments in security watch lists

“At least 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are listed on the U.S. terrorist watch list, according to a Democratic lawmaker.” [Adam Kredo, Free Beacon] Critics, including the ACLU, have complained that the list inadvertently sweeps in large numbers of innocent persons who are given no legal right to contest their inclusion.

More:”My Fellow Liberals, Don’t Support Obama’s Terror Watch List Gun Ban” [Cathy Gellis, The Daily Beast]


  • The Administration proposes to ban sales of firearms to anyone on the “No Fly” list. According to MSNBC there have been 355 “mass shootings” in the US this year.

    Query to the Administration: To support your proposal that there are legitimate reasons to to restrict an enumerated Constitutional right without standard due process guarantees, identify a shooter in the purported 355 mass shootings who was on the No Fly list and who wasn’t banned from purchasing firearms under existing laws?

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  • My husband was placed on one of these lists years ago for some unknown reason. He has to jump through hoops to fly; but until recently every day he went to work as an air traffic controller at a large, busy air traffic control facility. How stupid is that?? He can’t fly on the planes, but he had hundreds if not thousands in his control every single day. In fact he worked air force one on 9-11, but don’t let him fly or rent a moving truck!! That’s right you can’t rent a truck either.

    Once you’re on the list there is virtually no recourse, you’re just given some stupid number you have to have for the rest of your life. You’re not allowed to know why you’re on the list or who put you on the list, which is total crap. The really bizarre thing is that my husband continues to hold his security clearance to this day so what’s up with that???

    This proposal is nothing more than back door gun confiscation and the taking away of our 2nd amendment rights. We will all eventually be on some kind of list.