“One effect of all this regulation is to essentially increase the minimum viable size of any business”

Wage and hour, employee classification and Obamacare regulations are transforming the nature of employment, argues Coyote. And in a development that will surprise few of those who watch this area, it’s been another record year for federal wage and hour lawsuits [Insurance Journal]


  • I’m reminded of the Bernie Sanders types who campaign for reducing the size of banks (through ATT-style divestiture?) but support regulations such as Frank-Dodd whose costs incentivize bank mergers, as these costs serve as a regressive “tax” on smaller banks.

  • In the case of Obamacare, it has reduced the size of businesses in some instances.

    I know of a company that had 54 employees, which was promptly reduced to under 50 so that they would not be forced to provide mandatory health care.