NYC: “Examples of violations….Requiring all men to wear ties in order to dine at a restaurant.”

New York City issues its regulations on how employers, retailers, and other businesses covered by discrimination law must handle gender identity. “The NYCHRL requires [businesses] to use an individual’s preferred [pronoun] …such as they/them/theirs or ze/hir.”


  • These people are lunatics.

    • That is insulting… lunatics

  • nope.

  • What happens if I address a certain person using the impersonal and gender neutral pronoun ‘it’? I look forward to the opportunity.

  • No worries. This pronoun B. S. is just a fad. Like bellbottoms or 23 skidoo.

  • Reducing your opponent’s argument to the absurd used to be a way of showing the inanity of his or her argument as a way to end debate. NYC’s Human Rights Commission apparently has codified absurdities and inanities as part of its new regulations, hence demonstrating to the world the sorry state into which it has evolved.

  • My preferred pronoun is “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Will you represent me if a retailer fails to use it?

  • Just address me as indicated from now on.