What big fines you have, California

The California Public Utilities Commission has voted to approve a $7.6 million dollar fine levied against ride-sharing app provider Uber “for not adequately reporting legally-demanded data on its service to the disabled.” The paperwork dispute is distinct from any actual proceedings over claims of service denial. [Brian Doherty, Reason; earlier and related on what Doherty calls California’s “regulatory war on Uber” here (employee status of drivers), here (CEQA), etc.]

One Comment

  • I once had lunch at a restaurant near the CPUC. At the next table two CPUC employees (identifiable by their ID lanyards) were noisily discussing how Lyft and Uber had harmed their clients and lamenting the fact that they could not shut them down. There was no mention of the public interest, to say the least. The “clients” that they repeatedly mentioned where the cab companies.