Because bad things keep happening to her

“Since the beginning of 2015, three plaintiffs have brought more than 200 lawsuits against Arizona hotels, retailers and restaurants alleging American with Disabilities Act accessibility violations. One of the three, Theresa Brooke, has filed 151 of the 237 total ADA lawsuits that aren’t related to employment. These suits, brought mainly in Arizona by two law firms, allege the defendants’ premises aren’t in compliance with ADA standards.” She is represented by Phoenix attorney Peter Strojnik. [Laura Wilcoxen, Legal NewsLine]

One Comment

  • I suppose she and her lawyer are getting rich off statutory damages, unrelated to any injury she might have suffered. Statutory damages are especially unfair when applied to copyright works over 14 tears old. It would be good news if the USSC started to examine them in light of the Eighth Amendment ban on “excessive fines.”