Pennsylvania judge: no pajamas in the courtroom

“WNEP-TV reports that Magisterial District Judge Craig Long of Columbia County has even put a new sign in his Catawissa Township office that he hopes will keep people from wearing pajamas in court. It reads, ‘Pajamas are not appropriate attire for district court.'” [York Daily Record, with picture and video]


  • If he gets to wear a robe to work, the rest of the population can wear pajamas.

  • Is there a trend toward wearing pajamas outside the home that I am unaware of, or are people for some reason wearing pajamas specifically for court?

    • More likely people are wearing sweat pants to court and the judge is confusing them for pajama bottoms.

  • Wonder what he’d say to Vinny Gambini?

    • Or Vincent “Chin” Gigante?

  • He expects people to turn up nude?


  • @Bill Poser – story from 5 years ago in the UK:

    For reference, Tesco are the major supermarket chain in the UK.