Tribe: don’t put Navajo name on products without a license

Trouble ahead for Apache helicopters and Oneida silverware? Clothing retailer Urban Outfitters “is facing a lawsuit from the Navajo Nation for selling clothing and merchandise with patterns inspired by Native American designs and including the word ‘Navajo’ or ‘Navaho’ in the offerings.” [Timothy Geigner, TechDirt]


  • Watch out Chinese Restaurant, Danish Pastry, German Chocolate Cake, “Japanned”, Icelandic Spar, and many thousands more expressions easily attached to items or services for sale.

  • Good. They need the money. Suing the EPA ain’t cheap.

    • That’s what Indian casinos are for.

  • IANAL, but it would seem to me that since the descriptive “Navajo” is in relatively common use, wouldn’t the tribe have lost the right to sue under what I’m assuming would be trademark law?

  • The Chicago Blackhawks are gonna need new uniforms.