Update: mandatory oppression studies at American University

We noted in January that American University, in Washington, D.C., was considering a drastic overhaul of university rules in response to the demands of social-justice activists. Now it’s moving forward: although some of the more extreme details have been dropped, or at least go unmentioned, a February 29 letter from President Neil Kerwin proposes a mandatory oppression studies course for first-years, additionally “address the subject matter in at least one other required course selected from the AU curriculum.” Plus: racial hiring!


  • Oppression studies? Well, if it were a series of “how-to” classes, I might be impressed.

  • “We will force you to study oppression.”
    — Dept of Ironic Studies

  • Hmmm….perhaps companies will start looking for candidates who HAVEN’T been to various universities…..or any for that matter, given the current state of “higher” education.