Schools roundup

  • Fear of regulators drives many campuses to restrict speech [Greg Lukianoff of FIRE interviewed by Caleb Brown, Cato podcast] New UCLA Title IX policy requires faculty to inform on “possible” sex harassment, and Prof. Bainbridge objects;
  • Tributes to my much admired colleague, the late Cato Institute education scholar Andrew Coulson [Neal McCluskey and Jason Bedrick, Adam Schaeffer, Nick Gillespie/Reason]
  • “Total Law School Enrollment at Lowest Point Since 1977; 1L Class Size Lowest Since 1973” [Derek Muller]
  • New Jersey: “Elizabeth Public Schools Spend More on Attorneys than Textbooks, Heat or Electricity” [WPIX (autoplays)]
  • “I began to see the social sciences as tribal moral communities, becoming ever more committed to social justice, and ever less hospitable to dissenting views.” Jonathan Haidt interviewed by John Leo [Minding the Campus]
  • Furor continues over U.S. Department of Education funding of “facilitated communication” with profoundly disabled persons [David Auerbach, Slate]
  • “Rhode Island: Children Under 10 Shall Not Be Left Home Alone, Even Briefly” [Lenore Skenazy]


  • “Rhode Island: Children Under 10 Shall Not Be Left Home Alone, Even Briefly”

    Geez, when I was 9, I regularly baby-sat my 4 year old brother.

    Would my own house be so much more dangerous today?

  • Required To report ‘Possible’ Harassment: I think that this is easily remedied by reporting anything that might be defined by anyone to the proper authorities.

    See a girl run up and kiss some guy? Report it. You don’t know that the advance was welcome. And even if the guy says it was OK, it could be social pressure at the time. He might realize later that it was really an assault! Make sure there is a record of the event to protect every one.

    Someone rubs up against a student while getting to a seat. Report it. There was physical contact and since we have no way to know what the students sexual orientation is or what perfectly acceptable though non-standard arousal triggers they might have (really into kneecaps!) this could have been a covert attempt to feel up someone in public.

    Its ‘possible’. Better safe than sorry.

    Hopefully, the thousands of reports each day will get the attention they deserve.