WHO: children should not be allowed to watch films with smoking

“Bad news for Pinocchio and Cruella De Vil.” The ever-meddlesome World Health Organization “would like to see all films that feature smoking given an adult rating.” That would exclude kids from many of the kid-oriented classics of the past, from Alice in Wonderland (hookah-smoking caterpillar) to Peter Pan (Captain Hook), to say nothing of more recent films such as “Lord of the Rings (Gandalf and his pipe) or X-Men (Wolverine and his cigar)” [The Guardian; Brian Doherty]


  • In the 1950s a sci-fi writer named Jack Williamson wrote a novella called “With Folded Hands”. It’s a classic, and I think most people read it as as sci-fi, including me when I was a kid.

    But on reading again, I see it as a metaphor for a disturbing age that is fast becoming reality.

    Think of busybodies all around us, who take it on themselves to advocate rules preventing us from any behavior they have decided is risky. Busybodies like those at WHO – or in any American town council. And then – imagine those busybodies are androids.

    If you have never read it, I suggest you find a copy. If you have read it, reading it again will be worth your time.

  • Yes, tell the kids, “you’re not allowed to watch this, you’re too young.” That’ll make sure they don’t see it.

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