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  • Lowering The Bar has the original transcript, Pittman v. Dykes Timber Co. (Simpson County, Miss., May 28, 2003..

    Oddly enough, this part of ?’s testimony was not referenced in the subsequent appellate decision, which, along with some substantive law, preferring to go with

    Several times Pittman claimed not to remember things because he was “10,000 narcotic pills along.” He also testified that he could not count all of the stumps because Dykes Timber had equipment that “was capable of clipping the trees off with pinchers below the surface of the soil.” Other testimony revealed that Pittman thought Dykes Timber was only authorized to enter his property “by helicopter.” Pittman also testified that he had eaten human flesh. The jury was certainly free to make its own credibility determinations, and it was not required to accept or believe the testimony of Pittman, Rockford, or Thames.

    Dykes Timber’s appellate brief also noted that ‘his warning to counsel for Dykes Timber not to point to a spot on Mr. Pittman’s selfdrawn map which represented the “sacred ground” upon which he buried his dog; ‘ – see generally:

    Appellant’s Brief contains a Table of Citations, which I quote in full:


    I blame counsel below