Man sues Whole Foods over dog bite

Grocery chain sued over dog bite: “Richard Spring claims Whole Foods did not do enough to protect him from the dog, which was leashed to a ‘tie-up’ station provided by the grocery chain.” [KATU]


  • Are the dogs organic? Pick your own sounds like a neat idea.

    • These are customer’s pets, not for sale. Most Americans with pets consider the pet to be a family member. That is not somewhere you want to go.

      • I distinctly heard a loud whoosh.

        • Yah, I just caught sight of it overhead.

  • “A good dog should taste like tender veal.” Still remember that quote from a review of restaurants in China that appeared in Newsweek in the early 1990’s.

    • Your fortune cookie reads “That wasn’t chicken”.

  • If the dogs were leashed, then he only has a case if the leash length made it impossible to safely enter the store and/or walk down the sidewalk. Otherwise, you simply avoid the dogs.