Saudis: We might sell off $750 billion in US assets if opened to 9/11 suits

I take a dim view of the doings of the Riyadh regime, but it’s bonkers to let US-Saudi relations stand or fall on the skill of random trial lawyers. A bill under consideration in Congress would bring such a day closer by stripping sovereign immunity protection from foreign countries in suits alleging responsibility for terror attacks on U.S. soil. It is the executive branch exercising its foreign relations powers that should have the final word on such responsibility; the U.S. State Department opposes the legislation. [Tim Worstall, Forbes]


  • Another reason why progressives are correct to condemn fracking: If we were still as dependent on Sa’udi oil as we were ten years ago, even plaintiffs’ bar lapdogs in Congress would not be dumb enough to try this.

  • Hugo,

    We should stay dependent on Arabian oil and subsidize these psychos, then? Poor tradeoff, imho, cuz pols will do dumb things either way. Frack on!

  • No problem. We’ll print up some dollars and buy ’em.


    Janet Yellen

  • Ras–
    If you had not mislaid your secret decoder ring, you would have been able to see my (irony)(/irony) tags.

  • Your talk is cheap Saudi. The Federal Reserve can simply buy your securities and call it QE Saudi…..I doubt the markets even burp.

  • The Sa’udis may be considering China as a primary ally to replace an increasingly flaky and unreliable USA. One awkward point, however: English is the second language of choice throughout the region, preferred by Asian guest workers as well as by Westerners.