More talks on redistricting reform

I’ve been doing a fair bit of speaking on the cause of redistricting reform in Maryland, which is sure to be back next year although the powers that be in the legislature just adjourned for the year without letting it reach floor consideration or even a committee vote. I joined popular D.C.-area radio host Kojo Nnamdi and had a chance to explore the issues at more depth on Frederick County’s “Eye on Our Community” with Kai Hagen.

In the Herald-Mail, Tamela Baker also has a great write-up of my speech this week (with PowerPoint!) at Hagerstown Rotary. Don’t hesitate to invite me to speak on this topic just because you’re in another state — the issue is a national one.

One Comment

  • Had a thought on this subject last week. As I read the Constitution, the process of apportioning representation within states is a matter for the states alone, subject to the “One-man, one-vote” Supreme Court decisions that state that the districts be approximately equal in population.

    What seems to be missing is any constitutional requirement that representation be apportioned by geographic districts. Could a state, given today’s transportation and communications advances, avoid the gerrymandering issue by assigning representation alphabetically or even randomly across the voting public?