Dachshunds can’t race in Idaho

Laws ban things, that’s what they do: Idaho law makes the sport of dog racing a felony, and as a result it’s illegal to race dachshunds, even if it’s all in fun, no money is bet, and the diminutive canines are asked to run only a short distance. [Lowering the Bar]


  • There can be no wieners here…

  • It was reasonable for the State to ban greyhound racing, given claims about cruelty. A well-functioning democracy can enact a corrective, provided the would-be dachshund racers get the attention of a State legislator. The legislature could, for example, empower the governor to authorize specific kinds of dog races that do not involve cruelty, subject to veto by either branch of the legislature.

  • Couldn’t they avoid this mess just by billing the event as “The Running of the Dachshunds”?