May 4 roundup

  • New gun store in Arlington, Va., just outside D.C., sues neighbors as well as officials who tried to block its opening [Washington Post]
  • Good: “Amendment Could Save the Vaping Industry From Prohibitive FDA Regulations” [Jacob Sullum]
  • N.J.: “Bergen County Father Jailed For Non-Payment Of Support For Kids Who Live With Him” [Bergen Dispatch via Hans Bader]
  • Outrage over state override of local regulatory options seems to depend a lot on whose ox is gored [Aaron Renn, Urbanophile]
  • That way, they could challenge it in court? Claim that businesses would be better off if DOJ went ahead and issued regulations commanding their websites to have ADA “accessibility” [Legal NewsLine, earlier]
  • “Washington Redskins Appeal To SCOTUS On Trademark And Seek To Tie Their Case To That Of The Slants” [Timothy Geigner, TechDirt, earlier]


  • Thanks for highlighting the Bergen County cases denying the right to counsel before jailing people over unpayable, excess child support debts.

    This is not an uncommon phenomenon in other states as well, as I explained at this link:

    Partly this reflects defective state child support guidelines, which result in excessive child support obligations for many non-custodial parents that have beggared hundreds of thousands of non-custodial parents. (Unpayable child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and thousands of fathers now are in the modern equivalent of debtor’s prison).

    • Yes, the state of child support guidelines/laws is bad, but the case of Henry Peisch is even worse than that. All but one of the kids is either an adult or in his custody, and the courts still won’t reduce his support payments. Oh, and the one child still living with mom has made repeated requests to the court to be transferred to dad’s custody.

  • The henry paisch story is quite slanted. Im no fan of child support or family court. Sure its for children that live with him or aged out but most likely he refused to pay his back support from before when they didnt live with him.
    Im sure (ok im leaning towrd thinking) he has the ability to pay but refuses to.
    Plus hes refusing to pay alimony too.