Judge Andrew Hanen vs. DoJ lawyers, cont’d

In the old days, when lawyers representing the U.S. Department of Justice were found to have lied, an Attorney General might have ended their service. We’re not in the old days any more [Michael Greve] As related in an earlier post, Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District of Texas federal court, after concluding that federal lawyers had chosen to hide relevant facts in litigation challenging President Obama’s DAPA immigration initiative, ordered them to take ethics classes in a scathing opinion; his order has variously been criticized for possibly exceeding his jurisdiction, and for being insufficiently stringent to deter future misconduct by the Department’s lawyers.


  • People should look at the case of Darryl Foster, a DOJ lawyer caught getting government reimbursement for personal expenses (i.e., flying to see his girlfriend). He got a slap on the wrist.

    If that sort of dishonesty was tolerated in the Holder DOJ, what else was being tolerated?

  • If a lawyer intentionally lies to a Federal court, they should be disbarred. It’s not like there’s a critical shortage of lawyers….