Liability roundup


  • I am not sure anyone was deceived by containers that don’t leave some residue of the product behind on the sides and bottoms of containers.

    Also, printer ink, anyone? I have made quite a mess taking apart print cartridges that are reported to be empty.

  • Re: Undercover Defense Attorney. I recall seeing plaintiff-side conferences where it said, in big bold letters, “defense attorneys may not attend.” What’s there to hide? Nothing dirty going on, I trust? Can they even do that? I suppose they can, but it’s like political parties: quasi-private, quasi-public. Or like an ex parte communication, if judges are there. Has the bar weighed in on conferences that affirmatively exclude certain attorneys? Could we get a legal ethics opinion on that? Could a journalist get in? Ah, but journalists aren’t skeptical of the plaintiff’s bar, so never mind.