Take care where you reincarnate

On my trip to San Francisco last week I was delighted finally to meet Kevin Underhill, longtime writer of one of the most consistently funny and well-written of legal blogs, Lowering the Bar. If there were any justice in the world I would link a post of Kevin’s every day or two, but for the moment I’ll just note this one from last month: For years now, China has “forbidden anyone to reincarnate without [its] express written permission.”


  • To my understanding, the actual law does bot make it illegal to reincarnate (which most Chinese do not believe in), it makes illegal to claim to be reincarnated. This is an obvious move against the Dali Lama.

  • It’s for the children.

    The PRC disapproved of a non-Party choice for the new Panchen Lama (you can look up the story in Wikipedia), and the 6-year-old child in question disappeared, never to be seen again. The PRC should be commended for protecting other children from such hazards…