Liability roundup


  • Woman Sues Construction Company For Allowing Man To Kill Himself By Jumping From Hi-Rise And Landing On Her Car”:

    “After Sabbatino’s body hit Donna Crockett’s car, she got out and saw ‘brain and other internal bodily matter splattered across her vehicle and the surrounding scene,’ the lawsuit alleges.

    The suit says Crockett had never before seen a body and the experience left her ‘shocked, overwhelmed, panicked, distressed and completely distraught.’”

    I guess that Crockett doesn’t play video games or watch Game of Thrones.

  • My father, an attorney specializing in defending (and negotiating) airline lawsuits, told me of a flying club who were spitting mad at a guy who rented one of their airplanes with an obvious (in hindsight) intent to crash it in a suicide. They wanted to sue his estate for the value of the plane, but wiser heads (including their attorneys) talked them out of it. Factually, they probably had a case, but if they ticked off the deceased’s family, it was easy to imagine a countersuit collecting millions of dollars.

  • On what grounds could the deceased’s family sue for millions?