Behind on your child support? Texas won’t renew your vehicle registration

Some will lose their jobs for lack of transportation, while others will gain a first-time criminal record after taking chances on a no-longer-legal ride. Are you sure you’ve thought this through, Texas? [Houston Chronicle] Related earlier on tying driver’s licenses to issues of legal compliance unrelated to road safety here, here, here, etc.


  • There are people who have their licenses suspended or are working to be re-instated to full driving privileges who are allowed only to drive to and from work and in the performance of their duties on the job.

    If the state is going after the license (which arguably it should not) shouldn’t a solution like that be better?

    It would allow the person to start getting caught up on child support while making money to do so.

    Going after the registration of the car makes no sense as it can not only stop the person who owes child support from driving, but if the car is used by other family members, (such as the new wife going to work) it affects them as well.

    The child support /. divorce settlement system is completely and utterly broken.

  • Seems to me that these states have just re-invented the debtor ‘s prison, with a new twist.