D.C.’s fast food zoning rules

“Emergency regulations” adopted in 1985 by the District of Columbia sharply restrict where fast-food restaurants may operate, and despite an effort in 2007 to refine the definition of a fast-food place, it remains rigid: any eatery where the utensils are disposable is included, as does any in which cash is paid before the meal is handed over. Now the regulations have come to restrict the operation of popular “fast-casual” restaurants and even one-off ventures launched by noted chefs, like a barbecue sandwich place that had been slated to open in Shaw near the Convention Center. [Tim Carman, Washington Post via Scott Beyer, Forbes]


  • Like so much else in life, what is “fast food” is subject to Potter Stewart’s “I know it when I see it” test. Unfortunately, that test doesn’t help much when others disagree with you, or in drawing lines for others to follow in the future.

  • I can only wonder at what happened to cause the “emergency regulation”?

  • Emergency regulations to suppress fast food competition?

    They keep using that word….