Guestblogger archive week: II

When New York area attorney David Nieporent did a guestblogging gig for us in February 2007 it turned into a nine-month engagement with David providing sharp analysis of dozens of legal cases, ranging from whether it’s discriminatory to test cops for proficiency in English, to the search for deep pockets in a Baltimore car-crash lawsuit, to a lawyer’s request for $150,000 in fees on a case worth $11,000. His archive is here (Twitter).

Wisconsin political writer Christian Schneider is now a regular contributor to USA Today as well as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and has been having fun writing up this year’s campaign. He wrote for us on an Ontario court’s order that a 24 year old man not have a girlfriend for three years, whether tattoo-edness should place you in a protected category in employment law, and the legal barriers to frozen beer on a stick. [archive/Twitter]

Baylen Linnekin, expert on food law and policy, has a new book coming out in September called Biting the Hands That Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable. His topics for us included CSPI’s war on caffeinated alcohol beverages, odd doings in England after a Jack Russell terrier “allegedly bit off the tip of the leafleteer’s finger as he pushed election paraphernalia through a front-door letterbox,” and an Illinois couple’s nonmarital “agreement for an exclusive relationship.” (archive/Twitter).

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