“Three Blind Mice” Hallowe’en costumes probed at university

After students at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville used Facebook to post pictures of themselves in Hallowe’en “Three Blind Mice” costumes, a member of the school’s “Bias Incident Team” turned them in herself to the team, which decided that there was a risk the costume idea “makes fun of a disability.” The pictures have been taken down. “The University of Washington produced a six-minute video last year decrying ‘cultural appropriation’ around Halloween. Off-limits costumes included hula skirts, [straitjackets], sombreros, fake mustaches and martial-arts attire.” [Jillian Kay Melchior, Heat Street] No mention of possible offense to the tail-amputee community. More on bias response teams here.


  • It amuses me to see how the “Social Justice Crowd” does some of the worst cultural appropriation while criticizing thing like a “Three Blind Mice” costume. For example:

    – “Trigger” warnings, and the whole psychological theory of triggers have been culturally appropriated from PTSD treatments originally intended for people with “shell shock” from fighting in battle.

    – “Gluten Free” diets for most people are culturally appropriating a special diet needed by people with Celiac disease.

  • Three blind mice were really experimental lab animals for retinal nerve research and were proud to do their part. How’s that for a counter-narrative?
    And all these cultural appropriation warriors can roll up their yoga mats and pull the kids out of Tai Kwan Do. A pox on them.

  • I just wanted to voice my appreciation for putting the apostrophe back in Hallowe’en.

  • SJWs should be given credit for consistency on cultural appropriation: “Freedom of speech”, “artistic freedom”, and the First Amendment all were started by dead White males, and thus should be off-limits to everyone else. Some SJWs are White, and some are male, but none of them are dead.