Plays on trampoline with nephew, collects $800K from brother

“A jury in state Supreme Court Saratoga County has awarded a woman $800,000 after suing her brother over a serious trampoline injury at his Clifton Park home.” [Paul Post, The Saratogian]


  • The decision was that her brother should have supervised his son and her. In my experience, sisters never listen anyway.


  • Has anyone tried designing a lightweight rigid net cover for a trampoline, high enough to allow enjoyable bouncing but strong enough to prevent users from bouncing outside the safety zone?

  • Is there more to this story? Perhaps it’s like the case not too long back where a woman had to sue her young nephew in order for the homeowner’s liability insurance policy to be payable to cover her medical claims. I think she still lost, IIRC, but that was the part of the scenario that kept getting left out of all the stories.