Wisconsin “John Doe” sputters toward close

“On the third anniversary of predawn armed raids on Wisconsin homes in the name of politics, the U.S. Supreme Court has driven the final nail in the coffin of Wisconsin’s politically driven John Doe investigation. On [Oct. 3], the high court rejected a petition by Democratic prosecutors looking to overturn the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling last year declaring the campaign finance investigation unconstitutional.” But is it truly the final nail? M.D. Kittle reports as part of Wisconsin Watchdog’s series, “Wisconsin’s Secret War.”


  • WI Governor Scott Walker had Presidential ambitions. The John Doe (aka Red Dawn) raids and abuses served him up the free speech issue on a silver platter, but he never articulated clearly what was wrong with them. Not ready for the national stage (but look what we got instead…)

    • I totally agree that he’s not Presidential material, and he was the wrong candidate against Hillary anyway (why pick someone who has his own private-server email issues for THIS election, even if the issues weren’t quite the same?) But he’d still be way better than Trump.

      I also agree that gag orders, if any, should be short in duration if they exist at all. And if the prosecution starts leaking things to the media, they should be immediately dropped. It’s fundamentally unfair to have the media reporting on what you supposedly did and be unable to respond, and if everyone already knows there’s an investigation then the secrecy is pointless anyway.

      (It’s also fundamentally unfair to have the prosecutors leaking your private emails to the media even if you DO have a chance to respond, by the way. This is illegal and deserves its own investigation, but good luck getting prosecutors to investigate themselves.)

  • I can see a gag order for two weeks while everyone is swept into a dragnet, but no longer except in some cases involving military enemies or common criminals. Any US Senator should have the authority to cancel a domestic Federal or State gag order after two weeks, unless overruled by a two thirds vote of the full Senate.