Constitutional law roundup

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  • ACLU:

    I didn’t realize until recently, in the Nazi-Skokie-march case, that all the Nazis really wanted to do was march in Chicago, and that after the USSC decision against Skokie, a compromise moved the Nazi march to Chicago. The reporting at the time was sensationalist and deficient. (I thought the Skokie venue was a provocation too far and that the USSC should have mandated a less provocative though more governmentally relevant location.)

    Revenge porn– I part company with free-speech absolutists here. “Pornography” as something deserving prosecution should be a function less of physical actions portrayed, than of privacy and consent. I am totally baffled by people who get upset by NSA metadata collection that has zero effect on their ability to lead a normal life, but who will defend to the death Gawker’s right to post surreptitious recordings of private sexual encounters.