The powers of the U.S. Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice, taken all in all, is the most dangerous of the domestic agencies. Whichever presidential candidate won — in this case Donald J. Trump — stood to “inherit extremely broad powers that are subject to no meaningful oversight by the other two branches.” [Elias Groll, Foreign Policy]


  • Inspector Generals answering to Congress, with subpoena and prosecutorial powers, and who would be immune to prosecution themselves without Congressional approval.

  • Next thing you’ll tell me is that he’ll use the IRS against his opponents.

  • Dang. I thought at first it was satire, but… I really think it’s a serious article

    Did these people really never think that some day someone they didn’t like might just win an election and wield all these awesome expanded powers that they took such delight in, when it was “their” guy?

    Like the Senate with its filibuster shenanigans — it was ok when it was one party playing, but not ok when it’s the other?

    Sorry, folks, but what goes around, comes around.

  • Obama and Holder did this in grand ways. They spent two years trying to find something, anything, to bring the mixed-race George Zimmerman to Federal Trial for a hate crime. Eventually, they came up with nothing.

    Anyone interested in the criminal case should read all the complete court documents and trial transcripts which the Florida courts have put on line. The Truth is quite a bit different from the story Obama and Holder tried to paint.

    (I’m not saying I think Trump will be any better! I’m just saying no party has a monopoly on this. Also, I see as much Lefty “fake news” as right-wing “fake news”. “DailyKos” is just as ridiculous as “Breitbart”. But the media never notices.