“Court finally stops trying to make Detroit man pay child support for child that isn’t his”

We covered the case of Carnell Alexander in 2014 and 2015, and it may finally be over: “Alexander got official notice days ago, that after a 26-year-long fight he doesn’t owe child support for a child that is not his.” “You declare him a deadbeat. You garnish his wages, take away his ability to make a living,” said his lawyer, who now hopes to sue the state. [WXYZ]


  • Emblazoned over the entrance to Family Court: “Abandon Constitutional Rights, All Ye Who Enter Here.”

    • That only applies to the men. The women get extras.

  • Question: Are you more concerned that a court found a person liable for something that was not his responsibility or that the liability was imposed without due process? in either case,, what is your position on people coming back 20 years after being convicted claiming actual innocence?

    Courts perpetrate wrongs against people all the time. Even when the standard is beyond a reasonable doubt, the factfinders get things wrong. And the court system knows this, many times finding that administrative finality is more important than relitigating the facts.

    • Allan.

      I am not sure why you would think that people would have to rank the level of injustice in a case. Isn’t it enough to say and agree that there was an injustice no matter which choice you think is worse?

      There was an injustice here – no matter which choice you take.

      An injustice should be corrected. Period.