Police and prosecution roundup

  • “Policing in America: Understanding Public Attitudes Toward the Police. Results from a National Survey” [Emily Ekins, Cato]
  • “In ‘blistering’ ruling, court upholds recusal of entire Orange County DA’s office from murder case” [ABA Journal] Orange County scandals played role: “Prosecutorial Misconduct is Now a Felony in California” [Reason]
  • “Mistrial for Cop Who Shot Walter Scott in the Back” [Cato podcast with Matthew Feeney and Caleb Brown]
  • House Moves To Stop IRS Forfeiture Abuse [Jared Meyer] “California Enacts Asset Forfeiture Reform, Mostly Closing Lucrative Fed Loophole” [C.J. Ciaramella, Reason] “Iowa Will Pay Poker Players Robbed by Forfeiture-Hungry State Cops” [Jacob Sullum]
  • Time for the great U.K. child abuse witch hunt to close up shop [Charles Moore, Telegraph]
  • “Reining in Prosecutorial Overreach with Meaningful Mens Rea Requirements” [Trevor Burrus on Cato amicus in 11th Circuit case of U.S. v. Clay]


  • Sorry! Fixed now.

  • Regarding “Police and Prosecution Roundup”:

    I’m a little surprised that you have not linked to Elie Mystal’s December 7, 2016, jury nullification proposal in “Above the Law.”

    It is the most remarkable thing I have ever seen penned by a lawyer.

    Mr. Mystal proposes that black jurors refuse to convict any black person of any crime against white men (he does fudge a bit on whether this includes white women and whites below the age of majority, presumably to avoid blow-back).

    Property crimes? Yup.
    Assault and battery? Check.
    Murder? Yup.

    In essence, he would declare “open season” on whites.

    Until reading this, I assumed that Above the Law was a more or less credible publication, and that I could trust its attorney writers to discuss subjects of interest to their fellow attorneys in a rational way.

    Mr. Mystal’s hate-filled screed should make the website consider editing his contributions, not just for the usual stuff, like clarity and continuity, but for sanity.

  • @Mike–

    Out of curiosity, I checked Above the Law’s site and it does indeed have the article you mentioned. But I can understand why Walter would prefer to ignore it rather than risk hosting a racially tinged flame war here. As folks expect to be advising our commander in chief for the next four years: focus!