“Contractor sues Chesapeake couple for $90K over squirrel attack”

A Virginia contractor bitten and scratched by a squirrel has sued a nearby couple who he says had fed the animal and encouraged it to interact with humans. “We’ve already proven the fact that this wasn’t our squirrel…It’s not a pet,” said the defendant husband. [Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk), Lowering the Bar]


  • If the contractor does not take a firm stand, he may end up gored by Bullwinkle the Moose.

  • This does not seem an unreasonable kind of suit to me. If people are responsible for attacks by their pets, why not by wildlife that they go out of their way to harbor?

    • Then, should I strip my Mountain Ash of all the berries in the fall so that I don’t “encourage” all the wildlife that feeds upon it? What about bird feeders then?

      Wildlife are NOT “pets”. And, it’s just common sense to treat wild animals like… wild animals. They ARE out to get you!